How to make this no more!

No More Alcohol!

Alcohol Affects!

Alcohol the killer drink. There are negative affects with using alcohol. For an instance it kills your brain cells and your body. It evens shuts down your brain functions. Alcohol makes your decisions poor and poor judgment. Alcohol kills 10 or more people every 16 seconds.
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How to stop?

People around the world try to stop each day. But when they have over abused alcohol but drinking every single day and night it's hard for them. If you want help you should ask a friend or a family member for some help. But if you think your strong enough you can maybe stop by yourself or you could go to rehab to help yourself out.

What would you do?

Ok be honest to yourself do you have kids? Well if you do, do you want them to grow up and see you like this? Well of course not you want the best for them, so make it the best for them and don't just sit back and do nothing, get help and be with your family for as long as you can.
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