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Vino2go Tumbler is an Ingenious Solution for Wine Lovers

USA (May 12th, 2013) – Wine making is considered to be an art form, celebrated by its fans on patios, at food festivals, and at outside events. The traditional wine glass, however, was not designed with these venues in mind.

Enter the Vino2go wine Sippy cup, an innovation designed especially to allow wine lovers to enjoy their passion at outside events, while tailgating at sporting events, at food festivals and while walking. The Vino2go is a 10 oz. double wall tumbler with an outside shape that is easy to hold, insulated tumbler with a spill-proof lid that has a familiar wine glass encased in a BPA-free plastic.

It keeps wine at a stable temperature, and the Vino2go tops -available in Merlot red, Ice Clear and Verde green – both provide a large choice for the users to match a variety of home and backyard decors and not only prevents spills, but also keeps the wine free from bugs and outdoor particles.

Vino2go is also great for those in environments easily stained or for large parties when glasses can be bumped and wine spilled. The Vino2go wine Sippy cup is elegantly designed and resists spills, breakage and will always retain the classy look that wine connoisseurs love.

Vino2go wine Sippy cups allow you to take your wine while camping and traveling. Already, the Vino2go has earned rave reviews among so-called “action” wine drinkers, those who enjoy wine while on vacation or in the great outdoors or while on a romantic boat ride.

For adventurous wine lovers, there is no need to worry anymore about using the right glass or giving up your great wines when you travel away from 3-5 star hotel comforts. Vino2go lets wine lovers walk to see the sights, enjoy camping with family or in a neighbor’s backyard all while keeping the wine in the glass and off clothing. The Vino2go wine Sippy cup is for the real world – the world where not everyone drinks win while sitting back in a calm environment. The Vino2go is a spill-proof cup that retains the sophistication of a wine glass.

The Vino2go wine Sippy cup is not for children, and should never be confused with a juice Sippy cup used by children. Users should take extra care to ensure that kids and toddlers know that wine is a drink for adults and the traditional wine glass shape inside the Vino2go helps make that message clear.

The vino2go wine tumblers are consistently out of stock in many major outlets; wine lovers are discovering they can now have their wine on the go, and it a great gift for those of love wine. To find out more, simply point your browser to, the gateway to learn more about the wine Sippy cup that brings wine lovers into the modern world.

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