Asta's Son, Dead or Alive

By, Sophia Williams

Why do we need to find the beast hidden inside the boy.

We need to find Asta's son because after citizens of the town burned down his home he became angry and confused. He needed shillings to suvive, he went to lord furnival's house and stole as much shillings as he could hold. If you spot him either tell someone immediately or ye shall have consequences or you may kill him anywhere, anytime, anyway. If ye are caught helping Asta's son the consequences will vary from getting your ear cliped, be put in jail, get your hand cut off, or be put to death.

Asta's Son contact information and where to collect the shillings.

Asta's Son has black hair and has been found to be in the church more offen after his mother died. If you do kill him or turn him in bring him to Lord Furnival and you will receive 20 shillings.

Award, Asta's son Condition

The award for finding or killing Asta's son is 20 shillings. We have now declared him a wolfs head which means you can kill him anywhere even in public. We made this decision because we shuned him all his life so whats the point a keeping him. We are offering 20 shilling for however turns him in or kills him in other words dead or alive.