Stop eating! You are too fat.

Bernice Blama

The problem

The problem I am addressing in my satire is; abercrombie and fitch only make clothes for size 2 and under people hoping to only attract skinny consumers because they do not want fat or plus size people wearing there clothes. That is causing problem among teenagers; more and more teens are having body issue. The number of death among teenagers due to eating disorder has gone up.


Since everyone is too fat to wear A/F and the company does not want to use a lot of fabric to make one shirt because that would limit the profit they make instead they want to make a lot of shirts with as little fabric as possible which will double the amount of profit they make. Everyone should just stop eating and drinking once and for all. Do not worry about all the side affects that comes with not eating and drinking, who cares if you die of starvation and/or thirst as least you will die skinny and beautiful and that is all that matters. At your funeral the company will gave you a free t-shirt to wear while lying in your casket, because you will finally be skinny enough to wear there clothes. We will also show attractive pictures of you and you will be the most talk in all the stylish blogs and a picture of you will be on the company website, until someone else dies.

The plan

Even though I am a little chunky and some might say not the prettiest girl on the block, but I still know what it takes to be thin and attractive. Eating and exercising is a good idea, but it takes too long to lose the weight with that method. There are too many fat teenagers, it will take a whole a lot of time to try and get all of them to exercise. My idea is a guarantee weight loss solution within 2 weeks. My plan will work because police officers will be assigned to every block of every street to monitor each house. There will be no food or water for them to eat or drink so they are forced to lose weight. Every house will randomly be selected for a full checkout, to make sure no want has kept any snack in the cabinets or anywhere else.

The Advantages

My plan is a win/win for everyone. My plan will help those people who have been struggling to lose weight; they will finally be thin and do not have to worry about their chunky thighs rubbing together. It will also benefit those people who have to sit there and look at those people; their eyes will no longer burn in disgust of seeing them. I will release them of their pain and misery of looking at fat people. Another advantage of plan is Abercrombie and Fitch will make lots and lots of profit because they will make tons of clothing with as little fabric as possible. Finally my plan will benefit farmers; they will not have to spend their entire lives trying to produce crops, in the steamy hot or really cold weather. Their bodies will no longer ache from working so hard in the fields.

The Expedients

If a good amount of people protest A/F, they will eventually put the company on the spot for change. Citizens need to sign a petition for A/F to start making clothes for heavier people. Also if a good amount of people stop buying the company product they will start losing profits and eventually start making plus size clothing and trying all they can to reach a different group of consumers.

The conclusion

In 2013 alone estimated amount of 8 millions Americans teenagers have eating disorder of some sort, out of those 8 millions 7 millions of those people are teenage girls. WHAT! those numbers blows my mind and A/F are contributing those numbers because they put so much pressure on girls being a certain size; that girls are taking drastic measure to be that "ideal" size. Including making themselves throw up, starving them selves and taking dangerous diet pills that guarantee weight loss. This epidemic needs to stop for the sick of our future generation to have healthy working adults.