Stop and Listen!

All you have to do to stop bullying is to stop and listen.

How to solve this worldwide conflict

Bullying has become a global conflict that many people are trying to put a stop to. Many say to report bullying and schools say they'll suspend students who bully others. What if there was another solution to this problem? After all, it is hard to recognize when there is a person bullying another because it isn't easy to identify the line between "reality" and "joking." The "Big Bad Bully" may have something that triggered the bullying or doesn't even realize that they're hurting someone. All you have to do is to stop and listen sometimes. What if the supposed "bully" is also the victim?

To help support anti-bullying just tag #StopAndListenAntibullying

If you want to share your story on how you overcame bullying, how you became the bystander and spoke up, or how you stopped and realized you were bullying someone please email us at

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