Picture Bride

Created by: Eryn Bean and Sierra Payne

Phase One: 1917-1918

About Hana:Born and raised in Japan. Has a higher education than most women in Japan.Left her country to marry a man shes never met. When they first got married Hana felt like Taro owned her.Taro wants to have a child with Hana.                                  History of Japan/America: World War One started in July 1914 The Americans did not like the Japanese people. Influenza pandemic broke out in America. The Russian revolution was going on in Japan. The "Picture Brides" are still entering the United States from Japan.

Phase Two: 1920-1921

About Hana: Has a daughter named Mary. They find a house, The white men tell Hana and Taro they are not welcome, She finds a job cleaning a white womans house, Taro's shop is making profit.                                                                                History of Japan/America: In 1920s, America was the wealthiest country in the world. America was undergoing the Prohibiton Era. Japan helps to fund the League of Nations.In Japan and America, the Four Power Treaty for peace is signed. The population of Tokyo in 1920 was 2,163,000.

Phase Three: 1930-1940

About Hana: She has 2 miscarriages.They go on vacation for the first time as a family.Hana feels like a child because she can not communicate with Mary well.Hana does not like when Mary starts dating a man of a different race. Hana was shocked when Mary left without saying anything to the family.                                                                                                                                         History of Japan/ America: The Great Depression started in America. Franklin Roosevelt becomes president in 1932. The population of America was 123,188,000.America survives the Dust Bowl. World War II breaks out in 1939.

Phase Four: 1941-1943

About Hana: Hana and Taro are told to leave their home.Taro and Hana are sent to Camp Topaz. Mary and Joe meet Hana and Taro at Salt Lake City train stop on the way to Utah.Kenji has to leave Camp Topaz to go back to Japan.Taro is shot by a solider.                                                                                                History of Japan/America: Japan bombs Pearl Harbor. Japanese-Americans are moved to internment camps for the war.The United States joined forces with Britian and Russia to become the "Big Three."Japan joined forces mainly with Germany and Italy. Japan was dependent on the United States for some of their war products, even though they were fighting against each other.