Six Flages Great America

Jaclyn Dutton

Top 4 rides for extreme rush.

The four top rides for extreme rush are The Viper, The Raging Bull, Superman Ultimate Flight, and X Flight. When you ride The Viper you can only see the track you have already ridden on. The Raging bull travels with speeds of 73 miles per hour. The Superman Ultimate Flight you are traveling head first and face down. On X Flight you will be riding with nothing beneath your feet so they will dangle and nothing above your head. These are the rides if you want to ride if you like gut twisting terror.
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X Flight

This is a ride that you won't ever forget. As you swoosh threw the air, go threw crazy turns and twists ,its still the smoothest ride you will ever ride.

The Giant Drop

The Giant Drop is a giant tower like figure that has small seats that move up sooo high that you could see the whole park and then it starts to tick and out of no where you fall. Good luck.
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Family Rides

There are family rides and places for little kids that can't ride the big rides to go to also. The are two they are known as KIDZOPOLIS and Camp Cartoon. The family rides are Buccaneer Battle, Condor, Logger's Run, River Rocker, and Orbit.


There are places to get food like the All American Fare, Ice Cream & Sweets, Italian Food, Lighter Fare, and all of the other park restaurants.


Character Meet And Greet Stages and Madcap Mardi Gras!

2015 shows will be announced in the spring.


They also have a water park and shopping.