Forensic Radiography

using X-rays and technology to investigate/gather evidence


Forensic radiologists use X-rays and other imaging technology to collect evidence to be used in court cases and trials. In 1895, Wilhelm Roentgen, a German physicist, discovered X-rays. A few months later, a bullet lodged in the leg of a gunshot victim was shown in an X-ray and the evidence was used in court to successfully prosecute the accused for attempted murder.


Forensic radiography can be used for investing suspicious deaths and murders by finding out the victims cause of death and whether or not it pertains to a legal case. Radiography also helps to solve child abuse cases because X-rays often show acute and chronic injury and can help investigators identify how those injuries occurred. Radiological images can help identify a unknown victims by comparing pre-death and post death pictures to examine similarities. , and drug trafficking.

Job requirements

There are no degree programs applicable to the field, but some schools and organizations do offer forensic radiography certificate programs such as introduction to forensic science, forensic radiology, chain of evidence, body identification methods and disease identification.

Criminal case

In 1973, the Milone murder case dealt with a conviction heavily based on an identification of tooth marks on the thigh of the victim, 14 year old Sally Kandel. 3 dentists were for the prosecution and 4 were defense experts. Examiners and doctors were able to match the teeth marks on the thigh to the culprit and solve the case.

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