Exploring Mental Illnesses

A view on mental disorders though Sigmund Freud's theory

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

The Freudian theory states that Generalized Anxiety Disorder occurs as a result of the conflict between the two components of the unconscious mind; the id which follows the pleasure principal and the superego which seeks to satisfy society. Therefore, by using psychoanalysis to recognize these conflicts which started during childhood, people living with anxiety can finally find an effective treatment.

Panic Disorder

Freud's theory also states that a reasonable explanation can be provided for Panic Disorders. The trigger for this disorder is that people living with Panic Disorder often have deep feelings of anger and fantasies for revenge towards significant people in their lives which causes their sudden panic and anxiety. Psychoanalytical techniques are used for this disorder as the unconscious feelings are made conscious and then resolved.

Major Depressive Disorder

Depression can occur when one's inability to cope with feelings of loss as a child build up and make the individual unable to cope with feelings of rejection and/or change in their life. When these feelings are suppressed for a long time, they turn into feelings of helplessness and anger directed towards the individual and makes the individual think badly of him/herself. By using psychoanalytical treatment, one can freely talk about their feelings and have a chance to return to a previous state of development to release all their negative thoughts.