Earth and its place in space

The sun

What is the sun

The sun is a star which Earth receives its heat and warmth from. It is a large fiery ball that produces heat. Without the sun no one will not be able to survive.

What role does the sun play in our solar system?

Many scientists say that the sun is the middle of our solar system. It is the closest star to Earth. The sun provides all planets, from Mercury to Neptune, heat. He closer the planet, the more heat it receives. Although the sun can help Earth and the other planets, the sun can also cause large eruptions which can damage our satellites.

'The sun sets to rise again'

Is the sun going to explode?

NASA predicts that the sun is going to explode in 4-5 billion years. As the sun explodes it will create a supernova. This is a dreadful situation. This explosion is not only going to destroy Earth but it is going to destroy every planet in our solar system.