Virtual Resume

By: Mehak Jogar

Part 1: SMART Goals

Academic SMART Goal

S: At the end of Grade 12 I want to have an overall average of 90%

M: By mid-term I can assess myself on the marks that I get, that way I can work towards the overall percentage that I want which is 90%

A: I am going to achieve this goal by studying for at least three hours everyday on my main subjects like English, Math, Biology, Physics and Chemistry

R: I can achieve this goal because in Grade 10 semester one I had an overall average of 86% and since Grade 12 is going to be more difficult, I will work harder and achieve an overall percentage of 90%

T: I will start working on my goal from Summer July 2017 until June 2018

Volunteer SMART Goal

S: By June 2018, I want to have at least 200 volunteer hours

M: By Grade 11 I will count all my hours and see where I stand, that way I can volunteer more and achieve my goal

A: I am going to achieve this goal by joining more clubs in the school like Library and

eco squad

R: I can achieve this goal because I already have 100 hours just by being a part of the team crew. If I continue to take part in it I can easily achieve my goal, which is to have 200 hours by the end of grade 12

T: I can start working towards my goal from today until June 2018

Part 3: Future Job Resume

Mehak Jogar

13 Shortreed Grove Brampton, Ontario L6R 0R8 | 647-854-8530 |


· Seeking to gain full time position as an Orthodontist at Archer Dental Clinic


· Three years of training in Orthodontics

· Degree earned: 2029


· Four years of dental school

· Degree earned: 2026

Bachelors of science| Mcmaster university | Hamilton, ON L8S 4L8, Canada

· Four years of undergraduate study

· Undergraduate Degree earned: 2022

louise arbour secondary school | brampton, on, l6r 0r4, canada

· Ontario Secondary School Diploma earned: 2018Volunteer Experience

Dental camp | toronto public health | Toronto, ON, Canada

· Communicated with patients about their treatment

· Discussed issues

Work Experience

sunny meadow dentistry | Brampton, ON L6R 3J5, Canada 2027-2029

Part-time orthodontist assistant

· Observed actions of the orthodontist on patients

· Helped the orthodontist with materials needed for the treatment

· Organized the instruments before the treatment

trinity dental center | Brampton, ON L6R 2K7, Canada 2025-2026

Part-time receptionist

· Booked appointments for patients

· Communicated with patients regarding their payment and treatment

· Organized patient files

forest hill orthodontics | toronto, on, canada 2023-2024


· Assisted the orthodontist with treatments

· Discussed important parts of treatment

Extracurricular Activities

Art of science

· University of Toronto, Toronto. Ontario M5S, Canada

· Showcased art in scientific discoveries

· Displayed science in most visual way

Badminton club

· McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario L8S 4L8, Canada

· Competed in various tournaments


· The Academy of Dentistry Prize 2025

· Royal College of Dental Surgeons Scholarship 2022

· Dental Aptitude Test (DAT) 2022

· Honour Roll- Bachelors of Science McMaster University 2018-2022


· Proficient in Microsoft Office

· Fluent in Hindi and Punjabi

· Able to work efficiently with a variety of groups

· Able to communicate with others in a respectful manner


Lisa Payne

Professor at University of Toronto

27 King's College Cir

Toronto. Ontario M5S, Canada


Dr. Jagwinder Kang

Dentist at Sunny Meadow Dentistry

2280 Bovaird Dr E

Brampton, ON L6R 3J5, Canada


Part 4: Challenges and Solutions

Occupation: Orthodontist

As an orthodontist, there are many challenges that come across and one of them is planning the treatment. This is a challenge because as an orthodontist, I will have to plan the treatment according to the structure of the denture and then decide where the denture needs most improvement. Based on that, I will have to know the exact amount of pressure needed on the teeth, so that the teeth do not shift into the wrong position. One way I can overcome this challenge is by examining the patient’s teeth structure very carefully before the treatment. This will help me plan the procedure correctly based on the movement needed on the teeth. Lastly, this will prevent the disorganization during the treatment.

Another main challenge that many orthodontists come across is convincing the patients that their teeth will turn out to be perfect. This is a huge challenge because as an orthodontist I will have to get the patient to trust me with their Ortho treatment. This will require a lot of planning for their treatment. A solution to this challenge is that before the treatment begins, I can plan a meeting with the patient and discuss their treatment. In the meeting, I will show the procedure of their treatment using pictures and a video which will demonstrate their future treatment. This will satisfy the patient with their treatment. Therefore, as a solution this will make the patient trust me as their orthodontist.