The "Knightly" News

February/March 2014

What's Happening....

Monday-Mina, Jack, Brock, Emma, Wyatt

Next WEEK is our turn to say the Pledge on the announcements. Below you will find a schedule:

Tuesday-Charlie, Ava, Byron, Ariela, Kely

Wednesday-John, Jason, Michael, Reuben, Elizabeth

Thursday-Bennett, Thomas, Andrew, Caroline

Friday-Sahil, Jake, Grace, Danielle

Extra News:

We will be getting a new student on Monday.

I am "sad" to say, Teddy Turbo has died. The kids took it well!

Spelling City

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Click "find a list"
Search Term Bradfield First Grade
This is a great way to practice spelling words!

Our Focus....

By Subject…

Math– Measurement, Place Value

Social Studies: Symbols of the United States, Black History, Presidents

Reading–Identifying Strategies that we use in our reading

Spelling– ee words, vowel consonant e words

Writing- Poetry

Happy February Birthday!

Specials Class Schedule!

Check out the schedule to see when your child has library.....
Chaney: Library on Mon/Thurs
Kimple: Library on Mon/Wed
Martinez: Library on Tues/Thurs
Lewis: Library on Wed/Fri
McCaskill: Library on Tues/Fri