By: Emily Cole

My question

What started the bullying? Support your answer with details from the article.

The bullying started because of Christina's clothes. She was a girl who was happy and entering middle school, so her clothes changed and they weren't in "style." The bullying continued with other things like name calling and ignoring. Her mom tried to talk to the other parents, but of course the kid denied and it didn't work. Therefore, it ended in them moving to a different school and trying again.


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My inference

If you are being bullied, you obviously need to tell an adult. If you are the bully, you are quite a risk taker. Victims should be tenacious if they are rejected by an adult. Never be malicious, like your bully. Never ever let the bully in your head because what the say isn't true. Be optimistic, because it will be O.K.! Around adults the bully is innocuous, especially if it is a principal. You mustn't be petty about telling an adult, because they will take care of it. If you don't want to tell a teacher on your own, find someone amicable to help you!

What do I do if see a friend getting bullied?

You should tell, even if they aren't your friend. If it is your friend though, shouldn't you care more about them turning into the bully after being bullied! They might turn on YOU!

What do I do if I am getting bullied?

You tell a friend or tell an adult. NEVER think suicide. It is never the answer. Just remember that people love you and care about you. Maybe some people don't, but I care about you.


Theme- Take responsibility and stand up to the bully. Don't think its the end of the world. Getting help doesn't make you a wimp.

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