Room 555 News

Mrs. Andrews' Class | Rodeo Hills Elementary | March 2016

Reading Challenge

The school's reading challenge is in its SIXTH week! The students have their individual goals and are given weekly updates. Challenge ends on May 27th!

ROOM 555 Reading Challenge:

The second trimester is over and I am very proud of all the students' hard work. It is definitely paying off! According to our most recent STAR tests, almost ALL of our class has made gains in reading. Way to go! An extra special shout out goes to Jocelyn Lee, Ranveer Kang, Layloni Williams, Sibraim Alegria, TeArie Dargan, Jada Johnson, Aiden Luu, Jeanelle Ramos, Alyssa Apodaca, Emily Guitierrez, Kayla Liu, and Herschel Turner for meeting the Trimester II Challenge of 40 or more AR points at 85% or higher.

Our Trimester III goal is to reach 60+ points at 85% or higher. Read on!

Character Counts! This month we focus on TRUSTWORTHINESS "Honesty is the best policy. If I lose mine honor, I lose myself" - William Shakespeare

March Madness - Will You Rise to the Challenge?

This month we are learning long division. I challenged our students to create a song to help us remember how to divide. We watched a YouTube video, "Teach Me How To Divide" in class for inspiration. See: Challenge ends April 1st.


Challenge your memory skills: The student who remembers the most numbers in PI will win a prize. Visit this website for the numbers: CHALLENGE ENDS ON PI DAY: 3/14

(Pi: 3.14159265358979323846264........)

Important Dates

Monday, 2/29 - 3/4 - Read Across America

Tuesday, 3/3 - Reading Fair/Book Fair 6-7 PM in the MPR

Friday, 3/4 - ALL IN DAY - Goal: 100% Attendance

Wednesday, March 16th - Family Date Night FUNraiser TBA

Monday, 3/21 - 3/25 - Parent Teacher Conferences | Adjusted Day Schedule

Monday, 3/27 - 4/1 - Spring Break | NO SCHOOL

February Caring Character Winners

Congratulations to our February Character Counts assembly award winners. Student of the Month: Jeanelle Ramos; Honorable mentions: Aiden Luu and Chris Gopal.

Way to go for demonstrating caring for your teacher, peers, and school community.

This month, I will be looking for students who are trustworthy.