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1. silver possesses the highest electrical conductivity of any element.

2. silver is very ductile and malleable ( slightly harder than gold).

3. most reflective metal on the planet

4. silver is also used in metal

5.its compounds are used in photographic film and x-ray.


the mining of silver began about 5000 years ago.Silver was first mined in about 3000 B.C. in Anatolia (modern day Turkey). In the last century, new technologies have also contributed to a massive rise in overall silver production. Major breakthroughs. Today, more than 5000 years after ancient cultures first began to mine this precious metal, yearly global mine production averages 671 million troy ounces.


1. silver is also used in jewerly

2. silver is used for the electricity in the light switch

3. silver is used in currencies for coins

4.silver is used for reflectivity in mirrors

5.silver is the ideal industrial material

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