by: Patience Banks

The Flag

The map of Denmark

Germany borders denmark

special customs

  • the greetings are casual
  • most people give gifts to family members or to close friends
  • shakes hand with the woman first


Some of the monuments are the Round Tower and the Cliffs of Mon.Also the vesey momument

How they dress

usually dress light fabrics and jackets on warm days.The also wear sturdy shoes or boots.they usually wear casual clothing.The woman expected to wear dresses.


Kartoffelsalat (potato salad) is a typical Danish side dish. Here, it’s served with sausages and pork chops ready to be barbecued. Since the weather is so unpredictable, Danes love to be outside in sunny weather, and they barbecue every chance they get. (Frederiksberg, Denmark, May 2012)
Most danish people eat things like meat balls,hamburgers with gravy,pickled red beets and a salad.For deserts they mostly eat apple cobbler and waffles with ice cream.


  • Roskilde Festival
  • Christmas
  • in Denmark Danes celebrate christmas for 3 days