Preschool Teacher

Help kids learn.


Being a Preschool Teacher is not just looking at little kids. It is where you teach kids new things. And have a great time.


The salary pay for a Preschool Teacher would be, $32,000.

Job Duties

  • attend to children's basic needs by feeding them,dressing them,and changing their diapers.
  • establish and enforce rules for behavior,and procedures for maintaining order.
  • teach basic skills such as color,shape,number and letter recognition,personal hygiene,and social skills.
  • read books to entire classes or small

Skills Needed

  • requires the candidate to possess the key personal traits.
  • as well as the formal education and training,needed to work with young children.

Education and Training

  • To know how to teach
  • graduate from high-school

Good Things

  1. See kids laugh and learn.
  2. Teach kids and have them have a great education.
  3. Get to sing to kids.