by Mac Pursell


I think that everybody should be vaccinated because you are putting your whole community at risk. I think that when just one person isn't vaccinated then when he goes anywhere he spreads around the disease in the air and whatever he touches.

The Pros of Vaccinations

- Resistance to disease

- $1 spent on vaccinations saves $10 later in health costs

- Costs less money to protects against a virus than actually having to recover from it

- The more people with vaccinations against the disease, then the greater chance that it won't be able to spread which then it will then start to go extinct

The Cons of Vaccinations

- Can sometimes cause fatal side effects

- Can sometimes contain harmful or weird ingredients

- Mandatory vaccines interfere with religious beliefs

- Vaccines could be linked to some autism

- Don't think that schools are the best place to get a vaccinations


The population of people in the United States not getting vaccinated is increasing because they are afraid. These people are not having their children vaccinated as well as themselves because they don't want to take the risk of having chemicals in their body. Therefore, these people who are not getting vaccinations are putting their own community at risk of infecting even more people.