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Week of April 12, 2021

Dear Faubion Family,

In this edition of the Faubion Lion Pride Press, we launch our silent auction, give an overview of the upcoming bond election, and celebrate several members of our school community. Please note that we do not have in-person instruction on Monday, April 12, as this is an asynchronous learning day.

Monday marks the start of our week-long silent auction, and we hope that it is a home run!

There are lots of great items and services available for you, and you are welcome to browse what is available. Be sure to click through the entire listing, as there are multiple pages in the auction. Principal for a day, choosing passing period music, gift cards to local restaurants, and rounds of golf are just a few items in the auction. Here is the link!

During this week in 1974, Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s all-time home run record, hitting his 715th home run. Aaron ended his career with 755 career home runs, which stood until Barry Bonds broke the record in 2011. This past January, Hank Aaron passed away at the age of 86, leaving a positive mark on baseball community and the community at large. Hank Aaron was known for his philanthropy and for advocating for what he felt was right. I hope that you have enjoyed the start of the MLB season, and especially the highlights from the amazing diving catches, plays at the plate, and monstrous home runs.

Aristotle once said, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit." At Faubion Middle School, we make excellence a habit, and we are kind to each other. Parents, thank you for instilling those values in your children so they can make a lasting and positive mark on our community.

Go Lions!

- Mr. Boom

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Deep in conversation!

In Mrs. Hatcher's sixth grade ELAR class, students freely discussed the meaning of the word partition. Mrs. Hatcher highlighted that "partition" is a word used as a vocabulary term in an academic register, and asked students to share how the word can be used in an everyday context. Students pointed out that it also represents a dividing line or a border.

Mrs. Hatcher used a wind chime to start and stop the conversation, provided ample front-loading so the conversations were focused, and supported the conversations by making the language accessible for students. Students chorally responding are commonplace in her class, and she is also deeply focused on executive functioning. We are so proud of her work.

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Collaboration in math class

Students in Mrs. Potts class are working in pairs on box and whisker plot questions. They each are taking turns being the “teacher” guiding the other as they follow the steps of creating their box plots. We encourage our students to speak with each other to help them reinforce their content knowledge, find their academic voice, and become effective communicators. In the foreground are Reese Whitesell and Kendall Woodley, and Liberty Klueber is in the background.
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Student Spotlight - Qanayah Sneed

This week's student spotlight features the eighth-grade student-musician-actor, Qanayah Sneed!

Originally from St. Louis, MO, Qanayah has lived in McKinney for five years. Qanayah has several siblings, and lots of nieces and nephews. When talking about her family, she lit up about her recently born niece. Qanayah said that she just started crawling yesterday, and she is excited to see her crawl in person.

Outside of school, Qanayah is part of a band. She has written several lyrical poems that need instrumentals. "What I'm trying to convey through my music is childhood, everything that happened. Pain, happiness, all of it. We're trying to grow, me and my bandmates. We're trying to learn maturity through the music." In addition to being a talented writer, Qanayah plays the viola in our orchestra. She is also teaching herself how to play the piano and the guitar. Qanayah's friends, Joshua and Aaron, complete the band and are talented musicians and writers as well.

Orchestra directors Mrs. Zamora and Mr. Cortez said that Qanayah has been one of the most improved violists in the entire orchestra program. Helping as a teaching assistant in a second orchestra class, she has natural teaching instincts. While Qanayah is a budding musician and natural teacher, she has a specific love for theatre.

Qanayah's favorite class is unequivocally theatre. "Everyone is creative in there, and I really like acting. When I started acting, I had no acting experience. I like the fact that I get to act like I'm someone else. I can never experience exactly what the character is experiencing but it's fun that I can look into someone else's perspective and play a character. It gives me an opportunity to step out of my shell. I get to be creative and show people the talent that I have. I think the world should see my talent one day... When I'm on stage I feel free."

Ms. Riley had the following to say about Qanayah: "She is such a unique girl in that she knows exactly what she wants out of life. She actively pursues what she seeks. She has a clear vision for her future and goes about accomplishing her goals in a very mature way."

Qanayah likes that she can seek advice from Ms. Riley, her theatre teacher. "[Ms. Riley] is really nice, and she makes the class fun. She's always nice to talk to. She's a great teacher. She understands the kids she teaches in ways that other teachers [may not] understand. You can go to her and ask for advice on concerns that you have. She can relate to me because she's been acting for so long and I love acting."

When asked about Faubion Middle School, Qanayah said, "I like the people and the teachers. I don't think I have a single teacher that I don't like. I like the school in general. I'm going to miss this school when I go to high school. It feels like home."

Qanayah wanted to give special recognition to Coach Mo. "She is a great teacher. The eighth graders next year will be lucky to have her. She is funny, and she knows my sense of humor. She does it in such a playful way."

Coach Mo said this about Qanayah: "Q is a joy to have in class. You can count on her to ask thought provoking and intelligent questions. Her humor and honesty are beyond her years!"

Please congratulate Qanayah for her contributions to our school community. She is by no means crawling through her experience in McKinney ISD. Keep up the amazing work, Qanayah. We are excited to see you continue in the future at McKinney High School, and you are always welcome to stop by your old "home" to say hi to your teachers!

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We need your support!

Starting at 8 a.m. on Monday, April 12, our PTO is hosting a silent auction that will benefit both the PTO and the school. The funds generated will be used to celebrate students and staff, continue campus beautification efforts, and create exciting opportunities for our students. For instance, coming up in May, our PTO is hosting an 8th grade celebration, and the cost of the free t-shirt will be covered entirely by the PTO!

This fundraiser is the only major fundraiser for both the PTO and for the school, so we are asking for support from our entire school community. If you have an item, service, or experience that you would like to donate to the silent auction, please email Mr. Boom ( so we can get it listed. Space is limited on the auction website, so please act quickly.

Good luck on getting your favorite items or services! Here is the link:

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Whether your student is finishing their first year or their last year of middle school, the end of the school year is often the most difficult. Students can have a hard time staying fully engaged in learning and completing assignments when the weather is so warm and inviting and summer is so close! To help us finish strong we have put together a list of some ways we can end the year feeling successful and ready to enjoy summer.

1. Set Goals

Helping your student set goals for themselves both personally and academically will help them stay on track. Whether their goal is to get straight A’s or pass all of their district assessments, help them make their own goals and try their absolute best to achieve them.

2. Stay Organized

Staying organized will prevent your student from losing or forgetting about assignments. Encourage them to keep track of their assignments and test dates in a planner or calendar to stay organized and prepared for upcoming final projects and tests.

3. Take advantage of the nice weather

As the weather begins to get nicer, encourage your student to get creative by studying and doing homework outside instead!

4. Take a time out

Encourage your student not to forget about taking time out of their day to regroup and simply have fun! This will help them stay focused. Giving themselves breaks for fun is good for their attention span and motivation.

5. Adjust your attitude

The counselors spoke to all the students earlier this year about having an attitude of gratitude! We discussed how simply adjusting ones attitude to be more positive can make an incredible difference! One way to do this is by thinking of the things you are grateful for, no matter how small!

6. Take care of yourself

Taking care of yourself by eating well, exercising and getting the proper amount of sleep will help your child remain focused.

7. Focus on the finish line

Help your student visualize the finish line- and their goals- and focus on that. The school year is almost over- you can do it! Start a countdown, and don’t worry- the end is near.

If you feel like your child needs extra help completing the school year, contact your school counselor. We can help your student set end of year goals, set up a tutoring schedule with their teachers, or simply help them get a bit organized. We've got this!

Sports Physicals for Next School Year

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Fine Arts Accents

This past week, our honors orchestra was hard at work performing for members of the school community. On Wednesday, they performed live in front of Dr. McDaniel and other community members. On Friday, they performed for both of the Lion's Pride / Merit Scholar awards assemblies. Thank you to Maestros Zamora and Cortez for your leadership of our orchestra program.

Honors Orchestra members include: Saylor Baker, Ava Boehr, Laci Chilcoat, Emma Engle, Anna Gonzalez-Garcia, Sofía Lopez, Megan Machuca, Zalana Aguillard, Brooke Barragan, Hana "Noelle" Bokmeyer, Emma Alonso, Rachel Chung, Princesa Licea, Sebastian Lopez, Chloe Moon, Russell Nelson, Zoe Ralston, Drea Roots, Lauren Hunsaker, Cooper Zweig, Sydney Apger, Alec Boss, Shayan Ahmed, Jenny Wang, Edwin Varghese, Michelle Luviano, Bryson Berman, Luisa Goedde, Ania Thompson, Kamran Hafizi, and John Nguyen.

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McKinney High School Color Guard

Check out our award-winning 2021 Varsity Winter Guard!

On May 4th and 5th from 5pm – 7pm, McKinney High School host a clinic for all of those interested in joining the 2021-2022 Color Guard! We will teach you everything you need to know, so there is absolutely no experience required!

You may be asking yourself, “What is Color Guard, and why should I participate?” Considered the Sport of the Arts, color guard is an activity that combines dance fundamentals with the manipulation of flags, rifles, and sabres. While best known for our performances with the McKinney Royal Pride Band, the color guard also has an award-winning winter guard team that competes all across Texas.

Participating in the color guard will also help you earn both your P.E. and Fine Arts credits! Most importantly, you'll be a part of a supportive team environment where you'll make friendships that can last a lifetime!

Please fill out our interest form!

Updated Shot Records for Rising 7th Graders

Rising seventh graders need proof of updated immunizations before the end of this school year. Your child's schedule will be withheld until immunization records are up-to-date.

Please take your child to complete immunizations. If your child has already received his/her vaccines, provide the updated record to our campus nurse ASAP.

The following vaccines are needed:

Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis-containing vaccine (received within the past five years)

Meningococcal vaccine (within the past five years)

It is necessary for your child to be in compliance to attend 7th grade for the 2021-22 school year.

Collin County Health Care Clinic offers low-cost or free immunizations for Medicaid, CHIPs, American Indian or Alaskan native, uninsured or underinsured (no vaccine, capped coverage or select vaccine insurance coverage).

Collin County Health Care, 825 North McDonald Street, Mon - Fri, 7:30am-11am and 1pm-4pm

Spring Break is a great time to get your immunizations completed!

If you have any questions about the information above, please reach out to our school nurse at or 469-302-6914.

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helping our community

One Heart McKinney is an organization that partners with McKinney ISD to provide for those in need. Go to for a one-stop shop of resources related to COVID and community support. You can donate to the cause or seek help if interested.

Drug Use Prevention Resources

McKinney ISD offers a Canvas course called "Talk it up! Prevention resources for parents," which is full of drug prevention resources. Please visit the following LINK, bookmark it, and review it at your convenience. Our district truly embodies the "Live Kind" mindset in taking care of the entire child. Our district Substance Use Prevention Committee works hard to make the content relevant, engaging, and timely. Our counselors are also equipped with lots of resources to assist you, so if you need anything please reach out to us.

Upcoming Events

April 12

No in-person instruction - asynchronous virtual instruction day

Monday, April 12 - Friday, April 16

Faubion PTO Spring Silent Auction Fundraiser!

Tuesday, April 13

Online STAAR Writing (2nd attempt)

May 6 - Science 8 STAAR (administered in person on charged school laptop)

May 7 - History 8 STAAR (paper administration)

May 11 - Math 6-8 and Algebra 1 STAAR (administered in person on charged school laptop)

May 12 - Reading 6-8 (paper version)

May 19 - 8th Grade Celebration

May 20 - 8th Grade Promotion

May 21 - Last Day of School for the 2020-2021 school year

Checking Your Child's Grades and Attendance

You may monitor your child's grades and attendance by using the Home Access Center.

Here are the steps to follow:

1) Please make sure that you are using Google Chrome as your browser.

2) Go to

3) Enter your login credentials. If you need assistance with your login information, please reach out to your child's house secretary:

A-G: Mrs. Soroa - or 469-302-7005

H-O: Mrs. Gonzalez - or 469-302-6911

P-Z: Mrs. Dedman - or 469-302-6917

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