Forest Glen Bowling

January 26, 2018 at The Gutter

The Event Sponsor

  • Thank you to the Forest Glen PTO for sponsoring this event. They are paying for the busses and the $5 per-student bowling fee - Yeah! This is FREE for all Forest Glen students.

The Details

When: Friday, January 26th
Where: The Gutter (2310 Lineville Road)

Bowling Times

  • Kindergarten classes + Verdegan and Prokash will bowl from 9:00-10:15 am
  • Faccio, Sharkey, Knox, Ely, Hinker, Henne will bowl from 9:15-10:30 am
  • Pierner and 3rd grade classes will bowl from 1:05-2:35 pm
  • 4th grade classes will bowl from 1:20-2:50 pm

Other Important Details

  • The event is ONLY for Forest Glen students, NO young siblings please, parents can attend but will not be able to bowl (we will use all the lanes for our FG students)
  • The Gutter will supply bowling balls for each student (included in the $5 fee)
  • Students will bowl in their tennis shoes.
  • If a student has bowling shoes and a bowling ball, a parent can bring them with to The Gutter (please do not send them to school)
  • Please do not send money with the students - they will not have an opportunity to spend it
  • Video games will be turned off during this time
  • No adult beverages from Tapped will be allowed in The Gutter during this private event
  • We ask that parents refrain from buying food or beverages for their child

Parents - Please fill out this Google Form by January 19th

We need bowling information for all students by January 19th. Please fill out the attached form for each Forest Glen student. This form includes the permission slip so if you don't fill it out your child cannot attend. Thanks for completing this quickly!

Click Here for Form

Bowling & Shuttle Bus Schedule

We will run a normal school day - start and end times will not change. We will run our normal lunch & recess schedule.

Click Here for Schedule

Classroom Lane Assignment Information - Morning Classes

Schmidt - Lanes 1-4

Levash - Lanes 4-7

Branstrom - Lanes 7-10

Hendrickson - Lanes 11-14

Sundin - Lanes 14-17

Verdegan - Lanes 18-21

Prokash - Lanes 21-24

Faccio - Lanes 25-28

Sharkey - Lanes 28-31

Knox - Lanes 31-34

Hinker - Lanes 35-39

Ely - Lanes 40-44

Henne - Lanes 44-48

Classroom Lane Assignment Information - Afternoon Classes

Pierner - Lanes 1-4

Busse - Lanes 5-9

Emery - Lanes 10-14

Harrison - Lanes 15-19

Peters - Lanes 20-24

Kentop - Lanes 25-30

Zavernik - Lanes 31-36

Shipley - Lanes 37-42

Daniels - Lanes 43-48

Lane Assignments - Teacher Information

All classrooms will be assigned a certain number of lanes. There will be 4-6 students per lane. Classroom teachers need to assign each student to a particular lane. Lane assignments & bumper status need to be entered in the spreadsheet below by the classroom teacher. The office will then send the overall spreadsheet to The Gutter on January 24th in the afternoon. The Gutter will have the computers programmed with each student's name & bumper status. The bumpers can go up and down for each individual student and can be turned off or on during the event. The Gutter also has 13 ramps for students needing help getting the ball down the lane.

When the students arrive at The Gutter, all they have to do is go right to their lane and get ready to bowl! If a student experiences an error the student will need to go to the main desk to ask for assistance.

Lane Assignment Spreadsheet (Teacher Access Only)