Surviving a Tornado!

By:Taiz Estebane


The powerful twisting funnel shaped cloud hit the ground. Sirens were going off along with people screaming.

Can you imagine what you would do if you were caught in a tornado warning. In this presentation you will find some survival tips.

The Great Natchez Tornado

Natchez, Mississippi was hit with one of the worst tornadoes in history on May 7,1840. 317 people were said to be killed according to history books. However at that time people used slaves, since slaves were considered property the number of losses were much higher. (Woods, 10)


Down Below will just be a quick experience

After the tornado in Brandenburg, Kentucky, in 1974 Brandenburg was left absolutely in pieces. John J. Scott described it by saying "The next thing I saw was a scene I shall never forget... destruction you read about that happens to other places, but never to your own."

Survival tips!!!

In this section you will find tips that will help you survive if you are ever caught in a tornado.

  • The first tip is pretty simple and it is just to make sure that your family has a Tornado safety plan and practices every once in a while
  • At the place your family will stay during a tornado it is a good idea to have
  • I would also recommend to download weather apps so that you get alerted if there is a tornado watch
  • Another thing is to remember that tornadoes come after or during thunderstorms, hail, or a large amount of precipitation that falls in a small amount of time. (Edwards)
  • Another tip is if you are caught in a tornado in your house always head to the basement and stay away from windows. If you do not have a basement in your house go to a room without windows that is on the lowest floor.
  • Also if you are at a building (Mall, Office, Hospital, Movies etc.) there should be signs of were to go but always head once again to the lowest floor and go into a room without windows. Some of those places are bathrooms.
  • Also remember that it is very probable that the power will go out so try to avoid getting on anything that runs on electricity (elevators, escalators, etc.) (Edwards)


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