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Computer And Hardware

Computer Systems

Input, Process, Storage and Output. This all starts with output. If you type something in it's called Input. Then the computer processes the things you typed and then Storage and then Output happens when the things you typed show up on your screen. Some examples of Input is: Typing a text message and sending or typing something on your computer. An example for Process and Storage is: A storage card. Some examples for Output is: Music, a photo or video or text showing up on your computer.


Hardware examples are: Keyboard, mouse,moniter, printer, scanner and speaker. These are called Harware beacuse you can physically touch them.


Software is the name given to the Program when you Install/Download on the computer to perform your activities.

Other Information

Your computer needs Software to bring you Computer alive. Without spftware your computer is worthless. You can get software by Downloading/Instaling it or you can buy Software in computer stores.