AP Biology

Courtney Murray

Hi! My name is Courtney Murray, I am a Junior at Ware County High school, my favorite subject would have to be History. I hopefully want to become an Oncologist, which is one of the reasons why i'm taking this course, along with the fact that it will get me college credit if i pass the exam. I hope to successfully pass this class with a 90 or above. I've never taken any classes on GaVS, but i hope this will be a good experience for me! My favorite book would have to be 'Looking for Alaska' by John Green, my favorite movie would have to be 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower'. I have a pet dog, and her name is Jordan, she is a wiener dog mixed with a long haired Chihuahua, i also have a pet mini pot bellied pig, his name is Jimmy Dean (no pun intended) i dont play any sports with my school, but I have done gymnastics since i was 3..it is my passion.

I think thats about it!

Feel free to ask me any more questions :)