One of the SMALLEST Countries there is

Country Basics

It's named Monaco. It is one of the countries that has its own capital! The flag represents the Heraldic colors of the House of Grimaldi. The flag also shows a crown and the Grimaldi Twins.


Monaco is located in Europe and France surrounds it. It is the second smallest country in Europe. The Mediterranean Sea surrounds it.


The government Monaco has is a monarchy, which means it has a prince. The prince is Albert II. People are elected by popular vote. They don't have much rights, of course, if a prince is ruling them.


Their imports or exports: energy, automobiles, equipment, and consumer goods.


Most of the people speak French, but some people speak English, and other languages, too.


Hot during the Summer, cold during the winter.

Compare and Contrast

1. Monaco's people speak French, but they also speak English and other languages.

2. They eat seafood, but of course, we here also eat seafood.

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