4th Grade News

February 8th, 2016

Important News

We hope that you all enjoyed the Super Bowl tonight! I'm sure that we'll all be exhausted tomorrow, but that's OK ... only 1 week to Winter Break.

CORRECTION: We have to change our Valentine's Day party times. Please look at the times for each classroom at the end of this newsletter.

Please send in 1 gallon milk jugs - clean and dry, no tops needed - for a Valentine's project. We still need about 20. Thank you!

Please ask your child if they are running out of supplies in their desk! Many students are running out of pencils, dry erase markers, pencil top erasers, highlighters, and colored pencils. Also some students need a new pencil bag. Thank you!

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Read-A-Thon and Fun Friday

Thank you again for your support of our Read-A-Thon and Fun Fridays. It was great seeing everyone dressed up in their sports gear. This week, our school raised $215 for the Marathon Dance. ! Thank you so much for your contribution.

This coming Fun Friday is "Get Crazy About Reading" Day. Come dressed in crazy clothes and socks. Show us your crazy hair! Don't forget your donation!

Our Read-A-Thon officially kicks off this week. We sent home the READING LOG on Friday. We will be reading everyday in school to help the kids reach their goals.

Here are the important dates:

Feb. 5th - 12th: The READING begins!

Feb. 12th: Reading goal sheet due to Mrs. Lange & Mrs. PIsani

Feb. 12th - Feb 23rd: Collect sponsor money

Feb. 24th: All money due


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Welcome, Ms. Lutton!

We enjoyed another week with Ms. Lutton. She is so patient and helpful!
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MakerSpace supplies needed

We are in need of some supplies for our Maker Space in the Library. In particular, we are looking for DUCT TAPE and masking tape. In addition, we would love any other craft supplies that you are willing to donate. Thank you!

Compare and Contrasting our Weather Topics

After all of our hard work on researching TWO weather topics, this week we will be writing our culminating, final project - a compare/contrast essay!

What's the matter?

This week's science classes will be focused on an experiment called Cups-n-Stuff. We will be exploring the connection between density, mass and volume.

By the end of this week, our students should know the following vocabulary words. Please give them a little check at home!

Volume: How much space something takes up

Matter: Anything that takes up space (volume) and has mass

Displacement: An object pushes up the same volume of water that is equal to its own volume

Density: How much material is packed into a certain space


We have completely switched gears and we are now into the first few lessons of Module 4: Geometry. It is a huge change from our previous units because they have to know so many vocabulary words. Please study the definitions as much as you can at home. Every student has a GEOMETRY VOCABULARY PACKET in their binders that we will be adding to everyday in math. So far they should know these words:

point, line, line segment, ray, angle, figure, acute angle, obtuse angle and right angle.

Knowing these words is crucial for their success in this module. THANK YOU!

4th grade Historians!

Last week we learned all about the French and Indian War and how the end of the war was when problems started happening between the King of England and the colonists. Please ask your child about what happened to the map of North American after the war!

We are now going to examine many of the events that lead us to the American Revolution. As we learn about these events, we will talk about becoming historians and what an historian must focus on when researching in order to find out all of the important information that is necessary to understand history: who, where, when and what happened! Very soon, each child will pick an event leading to the war to research!

MRS. LANGE'S CLASS - Valentine's Party

Friday, Feb. 12th, 12:45pm

Moreau Elementary School, Fort Edward, NY, United States

Fort Edward, NY

Parents are welcome but please do not sign your child out after the party. They have art class at 1:15 and chorus at the end of the day. Thank you!

Mrs. Pisani and Mrs. Reinemann's Valentine Party

Friday, Feb. 12th, 1pm

Moreau Elementary School, Fort Edward, NY, United States

Fort Edward, NY

Our party will also be held prior to the end of the day as we have library and chorus following the party. Parents are welcome!

Play - Songs Of The Iroquois: Turtle Island

Tuesday, March 29th, 9:30am

207 Glen Street

Glens Falls, NY

The Iroquois Creation Story will come to life on the beautiful stage at the Charles R. Wood Theatre in Glens Falls. Permission slips will be coming home soon. Sorry, no chaperones for this trip.

NYS Capitol Building Tour

Thursday, May 5th, 9am-2:45pm

New York State Capitol, Albany, NY, United States

Albany, NY

The tour of the NYS Capitol is like no other! We visit the Senate and Assembly chambers and explore the Million Dollar Staircase. We also have time to squeeze in a trip up the Corning Tower to the observation deck and to look down on Albany. We will bring a limited number of chaperones on this trip, but you must provide your own transportation.

Fort Ticonderoga

Wednesday, June 15th, 8:30am-2:45pm

100 Fort Ti Road

Ticonderoga, NY

Mark your calendars ... ask for the day off! This is a field trip you can't miss! Join us for a day at Fort Ti exploring the fort and participating in an educational program.