Pre-Calculus Week 10

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Welcome to Quarter 2!

A Note from Mrs. Gironda

I hope you all are enjoying a relaxing long weekend with your students. The teachers are hard at work in our Professional Learning Communities analyzing student data and planning our next units during these teacher work days. We are looking forward to the fresh start the Q2 always brings! Please remind your student that everyone has a 100% to start Q2. There is always time to bounce back if you have struggled...take advantage of the fresh start!

Our conics unit is coming to a close and WOW am I impressed! This has definitely been the strongest unit yet for all 3 classes. We will be concluding our study of conics and then we will be beginning our study of trigonometry, the biggest topic we cover in the course. The kids will most definitely notice a bounce in my step then as this is, by far, my favorite unit! We will begin by exploring the Unit Circle and its relationship to the geometry we've learned in years past. Each student will also be completing a Unit Circle project, which will be explained in more detail next week.

As always, if you need anything or have any questions, email me!

Class Notes!

North Carolina Early Math Placement Test

Monday, Nov. 2nd, 11:30am

Rm 332

There are only a few spots left for the NCEMPT test, a practice college math placement test! Only 50 students can be accepted. First come, first served.

Sign Up Link

Important Notes for This Week

Quarter 1 Grades

My grades will be finalized in Power School by Wednesday of this week. It does take a considerable amount of time to get through all the makeup work, makeup tests, and put comments in for each student, so please be patient and let me know if you have any questions!

If you do not know your Power School login yet, contact the main office and they will be happy to get you that information.

After School Help

This week, I will be unable to offer any extra after school help. My POWER schedule will still mean there is extra help available every day! I will update you when after school extra help can resume.

Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society Update

Congratulations to our Executive Board!

CCHS's chapter of Mu Alpha Theta, a mathematics honor society, was only 8 members a 2 years ago. This year we have grown to 52 members (pictured below) and are looking forward to incorporating math into service and fun! Thankful for an awesome group this year!

Congratulations to Alexis Albarran, Richard Laibson, Sydney Hansen, and Jesus Pinon (all current or former Pre-Calculus students!) on being elected to this year's executive board!

Big image

Membership Fees Due Tuesday!

Any newly accepted members of Mu Alpha Theta must pay their dues to either Mrs. Gironda or Ms. Fye before school on Tuesday! This is the final day we will be accepting dues. Your $15 is a one time fee and covers your national membership, your cords for graduation, and your (very fancy) membership certificate! It will also make you eligible for various Math Club opportunities that are only open to national members, including scholarships and competitions.