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February 1-5, 2016

Congrats to Mr. Mouton, Finalist for FBISD Teacher of the Year!

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Congratulations to all campuses and their campus Teachers of the Year (TOYs)

Our Elementary and Secondary Teacher of the Year Judging Committees have met and reviewed all campus entries and selected the finalists. Since all of our campus TOYs truly represent the best in teaching, it is always difficult for the judges to narrow it down to our finalists.

Please see below the names of our campuses/teachers selected as the district finalists for Elementary and Secondary Teacher of the Year. Congratulations!

Elementary Finalists:

Myla Razon-Sacayanan, Colony Meadows Elementary

Breana Fausett, Dulles Elementary

Robin Switzer, Meadows Elementary

Elizabeth Carney, Seguin Elementary

Cleveland Mouton III, Quail Valley Elementary

Tracy Chevalier, Scanlan Oaks Elementary

Secondary Finalists:

Richard Embrick, Crockett Middle School

Melanie Bates, First Colony Middle School

Donna Reedy, Clements High School

Nikki Reed, Ridge Point High School

(NOTE: District Rookie Teachers of the Year will be selected later this month and principals will be notified.)

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2015-2016 Staff Service Awards

Marcia Wicker 5 years of service with FBISD

Judy Harper, 10 years of service with FBISD

Yvette Scott, 10 years of service with FBISD

Jason Strutton, 10 years of service with FBISD

Lavern Yelling, 15 years of service with FBISD

Ruben Garcia, 20 years of service with FBISD

What's the Biggest Challenge in Education?

The Biggest Educational Challenge - Stephen R. Covey
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February Birthdays

Jacquelyn Velasquez, February 3rd

Krista Holly, February 4th

Lisa Jones, February 12th

Blanca Tamez, February 14th

Regan Dean, February 17th

Danita Brown, February 20th

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It's That Time of Year!

From FBISD Human Resources:

As we enter the hiring season, I wanted to provide you with some information.

Teacher and Instructional Paraprofessional Transfer Timeline:

· March 1 – April 1: Transfer application window

· March 22 & 23: Nothing but Networking event. Information about this event will be coming out soon.

· May 6: Teacher and Instructional Paraprofessional deadline for transfer. Any transfer after this date requires mutual consent between both sending and receiving principal.

· May 30 – June 9: Confirmation of teacher/instructional paraprofessionals transfer

· June 6: Teacher/instructional para pull back deadline.

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What's Up at QVE this Month?

** Please Refer to CAL-QVE-ALL for times and more information

Kindergarten Lounge Clean-Up & Staff Potluck


· Counselor Appreciation Week


· Staging STEM Science – 3rd – 5th




· Now That You’re 10 Program – 4th & 5th Grade

· Faculty Meeting


· PTO Meeting

February 6

  • Fall In Love With FBISD Event
  • Spelling Bee


· Anti-Bullying Week


· PLC Meeting

· PLC Lead Meeting


· Garden Club Meeting

· CBLT Meeting

· Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night


· Valentine Parties


· Parent - Teacher Conferences & Early Dismissal

· Honor Choir Concert – TMEA in Dallas


· Student Holiday/District Professional Learning Day




· Digital Learning Day

· Jump Rope For Heart

· Committee Meetings

· FBISD Bowling Teams


· Skeeters Reading Program Presentation

· Math/Science/Technology Night


· GEMS/GENTS Meeting



  • 5th Grade Math Benchmark


· Elementary Science Expo


· Team Leader Meeting


· Door Decorating Contest

· Synergize Celebration


· Spring Book Fair

From Our Reading Specialist

ELA Teachers,

The DRA window is now open. Please make sure you test 1-2 students each day and do not stop instruction to complete all DRA’s in a matter of days. Refer to the “FBISD Overview of Procedures” while testing to know if you should try a level up, move a level down or if it is a just right level. The Leadership Team will be stopping by weekly to check progress and to do fidelity checks on the DRA assessment. We are being proactive and not waiting until the assessments are due to scramble to complete or correct any mistakes. I am happy to review the procedures with you if you need help. J

Kinder – PAPI – Window open from 1/11-1/29

Re-Test of all the objectives not yet mastered 1-4, 7 & 8 and test all students objectives 5 & 12.

Your DRA window is open from 2/5-2/26

1st Grade – DRA2 – Window open from 1/11-2/5

Test all students that were at a level 12 or below & Optional for students at or above level 14 during the first window.

2nd Grade – DRA2 – Window open from 1/11 – 2/5

Test all students that were at a level 24 or below & optional for students at or above level 28 during the first window.

3rd Grade – DRA2 – Window open from 1/11 – 2/5

Test students that were below a level 30 and all new to FBISD students

4th Grade – DRA2 – Window open from 1/11-2/5

Test students that were below a level 40 and all new to FBISD students

5th Grade – DRA2 – Window open from 1/11-2/5

Test students that were below a level 50 and all new to FBISD students

Thank you,

Ruby Portugal

Taking Personal Days


Prior to taking personal days- please make sure you check your calendar to ensure you don't have an important meeting scheduled such as Annual ARDs, re-evaluations, Transition ARDs and 504 meetings. Remember many times parents have been invited and take off work to attend these meetings

We also realize that emergencies happen and in these situations, try to inform the meeting organizer as soon as possible to ensure s/he has ample time to reschedule.

We appreciate your help with this matter.

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ASA Girls Fastpitch Softball

ASA Girls Fastpitch Softball

Spring 2016

Registration opens January 15th!

To register & for more info, visit


Blastball (boys & girls age 3-4) - $90

6U (girls age 5-6) - $125

8U (girls age 7-8) - $150

10U, 12U & 14U (girls age 9 and up) - $175

Register by January 31st and save $10.

Fields are located at 7725 Camp Sienna Trail in Sienna Plantation.

Open to all - residents & non-residents of Sienna!

Have questions? Contact Jessica at spsasoftball@gmail.com

This organization and its activities are not related to or sponsored by Fort Bend Independent School District.

Voting at QVE on March 1st - PLC Canceled

Dear Team,

Our campus will be used as a voting site on March 1, 2016, 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. for the Republican/Democrat Primary. The voting equipment will be delivered on February 24th and picked up March 2nd . A

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From our Literacy Team

Dear K-2 Teachers,

Thanks for a great SLT on Wednesday. We had some wonderful discussions. We had some questions about the procedures for administration of the DRAs. I checked with Beth Egmon. She said that since the words are there teachers don't need a check mark, just the errors. The check marks for accurate reading are only for when the words aren't printed. We talked to Mrs. Spears and we have selected to use check marks on DRAs even for accurate reading. We want to be consistent across the building and want to use the best practice. Thanks for the questions and for your cooperation.

**We understand that students reading at a high fluency level may not have all words checked due to their reading speed. We will provide you with information on reading levels soon.


The Literacy Team

5th Grade District Math Benchmark on February 23rd!

The 5th Grade District Math Benchmark will take place February 23rd. You will be the only grade that takes it that day since you will be taking the STAAR test before everyone else. Some of the questions will be on things that you haven’t covered yet as well as questions on Financial Literacy.

Please see Ms. Walton for more information.

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Attention TELPAS Raters!

Hello TELPAS Raters and Verifier!

Below is the link to the new TELPAS Training Site online. Please log in to create your new profile using keyword training2016.


The window opens today (January 25th) for online basic training. For any new rater or anyone moving to a new grade level or also those who have not had basic training in 3+ years. If you have any questions as to your status, please ask. I can help you determine if you need the online basic training or not.

The Team will be setting dates for our campus security training as well as the calibration training. This calibration training must now take place in a secure monitored setting. I will try to give you as much notice as I can because we have to plan for a 2 hour testing time period. During the security training, we will address writing sample collection and holistic ratings.

Please be mindful that we are providing you with information as quickly as we get it. The state has moved to a new system for online testing and have made many changes in the process. Unfortunately, the district has not been provided all updates either. So, please be patient and flexible with us as we work through the changes with the process this year.

Again, go ahead and create your new profile on the training site. You are encouraged to also complete the basic online training as well. There may not be a certificate that prints off at this point, but further information will be forthcoming regarding certificates.

Please feel free to ask questions. I can help with anything regarding the process of TELPAS (training and assessment). Mrs. Vasquez can help with anything ESL/ELPS/PLD related (instructional).

Ms. Jones, CCC

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Digital Learning Day Started on Friday!

Dear Tech-thusiasts,

National Digital Learning day, February 17, 2016, will soon be here, and we are recognizing teachers for their positive use of technology integration to impact the lives of students! Our celebration will be from January 29th-February 17.

If you see teachers with either of the buttons in the image below, give them a high five for being caught performing random acts of digital learning! Even some particularly innovative teachers will receive blinking buttons, so you can spot them from down the hall!

We are proud to distinguish teachers who implement digital learning strategy, so please feel free to share names and stories of teachers you would like to recognize!

· Teacher nominations can be submitted via this form http://goo.gl/forms/KepscMVj5S

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