Wednesday Well Wishes

Remote Counseling-week 6

THE GOOD EGG Book Read Aloud For KIDS!

Self Care for Kids

The Good Egg was very cracked up by the time he even realized that he needed to take some time for himself. When he mentions that his head was feeling "scrambled every night", this tells us that it was probably happening over and over before he did anything about it. What are some signs that Good Egg could have noticed earlier to help him maintain his own self care? What are some of the things he finally did that helped him find his calm self again?

Calming techniques for children are generally within one of the 6 categories listed below and you can probably find supplies, such as something to color, right within your home. When you help your child calm, try to talk a little less and just be in the quiet of the moment while participating and modeling with things like:

Coloring (coloring books, free coloring, color by number)

Movement (stretching, mindful walking, yoga)

Puzzles (not too frustrating)

Guided relaxation (belly breathing)

Journaling (free or with topic)

Music (calming favorites)

Visuals (kaleidoscopes, glitter bottles)

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"I Can Calm"

This newsletter covers many "I Can Calm" methods. A new one you may not have tried yet is called "Guided Imagery". Guided imagery uses words and your imagination to generate mental images that will calm you. Try this ocean one below and see what you think. The sights and sounds of the ocean are meant to calm. These might be especially helpful for a "quiet time" in your daily schedule.

Parent Tip of the Week: Bedtime

Bedtime routines can be difficult during times of stress. If you and your child need some support for ending your day calmly, try the ideas found in this "Our Day Has Come to An End" book: