Guardians of Ga'hoole

The Capture


A young barn owl named Soren falls out of his nest, where he is then captured by a Lond-eared owl called Jutt. While held captive, he remembers stories that his father told him about "The Guardians." During his many adventures trying to escape, meeting many new friends and enemies along the way, Soren comes to discover that the "legend" is true.


Ga'Hoole, is an adventurous place, set in the mountains, forests, and canyons, where all good and bad owls live.

Character versus Society

Soren tries to escape from the Aegelious Mountains, but "The Pure Ones" (bad owls) will not allow him to leave.

Points of View:

The book is written in first person, and is told from Soren's point of view.


I totally agreed with the resolution because in the end, Soren found a real guardian, so the legend was indeed true. I would not change the ending because it leaves you, the reader, anxiously waiting for the next book.