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Thank you!

Thank you for everything each of you are doing. Please make sure to check campus calendar as it has a lot of events coming up in the next 3-4 weeks. We just received the list of students who earned Johnny's Pizza. We will link ASAP the schedule for that and Tiffany will get notes typed up for students who earned it. Those notes will go home on Monday. Once we know the number of kids going we will be asking for volunteers to go with each grade level.

All Staff we Need your Feedback. Please fill out the below form!

CBA Data Review

This year we will do CBA data review on the same day we plan for that subject. We will need the last 30 minute time block of your planning to review data. In order to have meaningful and on target conversations we need your reflections. Please fill out the form that goes with your respective grade level/subject. Math must be completed by Monday night. Reading must be completed by Tuesday night.