Webelos September


Webelos, welcome back to school! For those of you who missed our den meeting, here is an update of what we covered.

Jacob's name was drawn to be denner, while Ethan was selected to be the denner's assistant. We drew names for Oct, Nov, and Dec as well. Jacob's role will be to get everyone's attention and do the announcements. Ethan will direct the flag ceremony and the pledge. Together Jacob and Ethan will be sure that we have a safe perimeter for launching rockets and direct the other Webelos in taking turns launching their rockets. Please plan to bring your rocket to the next den meeting on Monday, September 14th.

Because the next step after Webelos is Boy Scouts, we are changing from a den to one or two patrols. Vote for your favorite patrol patch. Please send me an email with these patches ranked from #1 to 3.

Patrol patches

Please familiarize yourself with your new Webelos book. We will be working on Cast Iron Chef, led by Ethan and his mom; Duty to God, to be done at home but introduced to us by Blake; Faster, Stronger, Higher by Roan; and First Responder by Jacob. We will need a volunteer to present/organize Webelos Walkabout and the remaining scouts can choose an elective badge to present.

We will also be transitioning to a new website called http://www.ScoutBook.com. This will allow you to track your achievements that you do at home online as well as allow you to follow your progress towards Webelo. You can also track your service hours, camping nights, and hiking miles.

As a reminder, we will stay in our blue uniform shirts until Feb, unless a scout has absolutely outgrown their blue shirt. After we get our Webelos rank at the Blue and Gold Banquet, we will switch to the khaki shirts of the Boy Scouts. (New scouts that join this year will go straight to a khaki shirt.) Uniform items like belts, red vests, etc. can be ordered at http://www.scoutstuff.org.

Optional September Events

  • Sunday, Sep 20th, 1 pm to 5 pm: one to two-hour shift repainting the bollards and parking bumpers for our host, American Legion Post 55
  • Saturday, Sep 26th, 9 am to 3 pm (or as many hrs as you can spare) public service project: trail building just past the Collegiate Peaks Overlook
  • Saturday, Sep 26th, 9 am or 2pm, Cub Scout Shoot-o-ree (archery and BB gun) at Camp Alexander in Lake George
  • Sunday, Sep 27th, 9:30 am to 1 pm, Rocky Mountain Orienteering Club Meet at Camp Alexander