Articles of Confederation

Was it a good or bad idea?


  • Provided a unified Government
  • Created a legislature allowing each state to have a vote
  • Had the ability to deal with foreign countries on behalf of the states
  • Created an army to protect the people
  • Gave the states a lot of freedom


  • Were not able to carry out laws that would better the society
  • Depended too much on the say of the people when making laws
  • Caused the states economy to suffer economically
  • Did not provide a judicial of executive branch
  • Were unable to explain laws, enforce laws, or decide if laws were Constitutional

Why did the Articles have such a weak central government?

The Second Continental Congress created the Articles of Confederation, the first written constitution of the United states, during the Revolutionary War to give the colonies a sense of a unified government. The Articles officially declared the U.S. as a sovereign of 13 states, each of which had one vote in regards to congress decisions. This document provided a weak central government because the colonies wanted to be sure that no central institution would take their power again.

Dayani Williams