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Wednesday, October 2nd, 6:00 PM

Cinema Vitti

Benvenuti al Sud (Welcome to the South), Miniero, 2010

After failing to lie his way into a cushy job in Milan, postal worker Alberto faces a grave punishment: being transferred south. Coming to the realization that his fears about Southern Italy were in fact mere prejudices, Alberto begins to appreciate the southern lifestyle and befriends the local population. However, when he sees an opportunity to strengthen his relationship with his wife Silvia when she comes to visit, he enlists the help of his friends to organize an elaborate ruse and trick her into believing that their prejudices about the south were true.

Sunday, October 6th, 2:00 PM

Cinema Lanzafame

Giovanni Falcone, Part I, Frazzi, 2006

Inspired by the book The History of Giovanni Falcone by Francesco La Licata, the movie tells the life of the Palermitan magistrate from 1980 until his death on May 23, 1992. A private portrait of the man who fought the mafia with commitment and dedication, but whose dangerous public service cut his life tragically short.

Sicilian Folk Group "Akragas" visits Nazareth the week of October 7th-12th!

Please come and join us for the upcoming events presented by the Sicilian folk group "Akragas" and the Italian National Center for the Study of Pirandello! Click on the poster to the left to enlarge it and see some of the exciting programs we have planned.

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Grazie to everyone who came to our Zollo Special Event this year, especialy our guest, Dr. Andrea De Polo Saibanti!