How To Survive 6th Grade Struggles


Welcome To The Happiest Year of Your School Life!!!


6th grade is probably one of the most scariest challenges for everybody or at least,almost everyone. Though if you succeed and follow the tips and instructions down below, your 6th grade year will be AWESOME!! Not everyone gets these tips and suggestions before they enter a new obstacle in their lives. Though you are one of the luckiest people ever! I hope this will be useful and helpful for surviving what we all believe is the scariest year of our lives, but ends up being the best.


Knowing how to open your locker is important for you and your belongings.You should keep the materials you are not going to use for some classes at the time, in your locker.You should to make the least locker visits possible a day. What I mean by locker visit is going to your locker in between classes. When I was in 6th grade my locker schedule was: go to my locker before 1st hour, revisit it after 2nd hour to get my lunch box so I can be prepared for lunch hour. Also after 4th hour to put my lunch box away,then again at the end of the day lo gather my stuff. I visit my locker a total of 4 times a day. Here is a video down below to help you open your locker.
How To Open A Locker


Once you get used to everything with 6th grade your teachers will have something hard for some,but easy for others which is the "strike system." The Strike System is something in where teachers give strikes to students who are having many problems. Those problems are : Having missing work, not turning things in on due dates, bad behavior, not keeping hands and feet to yourself, and many more that your teachers will talk about. You have a limit of 10 strikes and if you get more than that by the end of the year, you will not get to participate in "6th grade Olympics."That is at the end of the year where there will be many activities outside for the students without strikes.


As you probably know that you will be getting Chromebooks for all of your work that is signed. Chromebooks will be a huge help throughout your school year. Now you must protect them from harm. Be very careful when you are on your Chromebook, safety online is important. Care for your Chromebook by keeping it away from any liquids so it will keep working. If at the end of the year your Chromebook is harmed, you will be fined. Also make sure your charger is still working. Do NOT swing it around while it is in your case, you don't know what could happen.It is your responsibility to keep it safe!!!


Being prepared when you enter every class. Follow the locker rules shown below, though don't take too long or you will be late. Make sure you have every supply and papers needed with you when you get in class. You will always need more than 1 pencil, the rule is to have 5. You know what will happen when you don't have everything you need. Go over your supplies list to make sure you have everything. Just a quick little tip: Get a travel binder which will come handier than a regular binder:) I hope you have just as much fun I had in 6th grade!!