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We wanted a way for graduates and parents to get updates on the squadron, accomplishments, and events. There will be cadets featured monthly, information about various individual accomplishments by squadron members and small articles about events in which the squadron has participated. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please route them through the Squadron Cadet Public Affairs Officer; the email address is located at the bottom of the newsletter. Happy reading!

Training and Teambuilding

Reaper cadets build teamwork and muscle as they embark on an Eagle's Peak hike for a training session.

"The hike was on the morning of Saturday, 27 August 2016. It started at about 0405 and ended at 0730." - C1C Dan Reynolds, Training Officer

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Artistic Photos of the Academy from cadets of Squadron 31
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Sundown: Just another day at the Air Force Academy!
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The new Polaris Hall displays bright red fountains at night.
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The USAFA Cadet Chapel in the early day.
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A storm is brewing over the Sijan dorm.
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Another beautiful, sunny day...not to mention the aircraft that decorate the "Terrazo" at the center of the Academy grounds!

Cadet Interviews

Get to know the squad! Hear from one cadet from each class. These are the questions we asked them:

1. What is your nickname?

2. What is your favorite color and why?

3. What is your favorite song?

4. What is your favorite type of cookie?

Let's see what they say...

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Acceptance Day Parade

Fourth class cadets received their shoulder boards at the 2016 Acceptance Day Parade.

Click on the photo for a close-up!

Squadron Morale

Cherry Creek Reservoir

C2C Sebastian Klesing, our squadron ROTC exchange cadet, chills with other squadron member, C1C William Farrar, at a morale event located at the Cherry Creek Reservoir.
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Baseball in the Sand

Reapers engage in a fun game of baseball during their sunny day at the reservoir!
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AOC Event

CS31 Air Officer Commanding, Major Bryant Bevan, hosted a morale event for the second and first class cadets. His two dogs were a hit with the Reapers!
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Puppy Love

C1C Dan Reynolds enjoys the company of one of the pets of Major and Mrs. Bevan.
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Well that's almost it for this month!

Thanks for your time and investment in the CS31 Reapers!

But wait, there's more...

Hear a word from our Air Officer Commanding below!

Message from the Air Officer Commanding: Major Bryant Bevan

Graduates, parents, friends, and loved ones,

Welcome back to the Reaper Newsletter! Each month you will find updates

aimed at ensuring you are in the know with Reaper activities and personnel.

If you have suggestions for future topics, or edits, please don't hesitate

to reach out. We can maximize our reach and effectiveness only through

active support. Please continue to help us get the word out: if you know

graduates of Squadron 31, or parents and friends, who are not tied into our

Facebook page, please reach out and bring them into the fold.

A number of alumni and parents have offered financial support to the Squadron. If you wish to do so, you will find the necessary information on

our Facebook page. No one is under any obligation or pressure! We thank you

greatly if you've chosen to do so.

Finally, thank you again for your support of our cadets and for building

"Reaper Nation" into something we're all proud of!

Major Bryant Bevan


See you soon!