Advantages of EMR

by: Jacob Carter

Are you tired of waiting on the doctor while he/she is trying to get all your medical records together?

With the EMR system in the matter of seconds data can be tracked and found about you, so no more waiting!!!!!


The EMR system can track data, Identify patients who are due for a visit or a screening, it can monitor how a patient is doing none stop, and it can improve the overall quality of care in a practice.

Safe and information protected.

Easy to use and Fast.

Safe and information protected.

The EMR is safe and can not harm you and it is protected so nobody can get into the system.

Success of the EMR.

Physicians using the EMR system in 2013 had a 78.4% success rate of people liking it .

Physicians using the basic system in 2013 had a 48.1% success rate of people liking it.