Foundations 1-Literature Class

September 1, 2015-Class 2


Annotation is the act of writing on one's paper. It helps slow down the reader and allows him to interact with the text in a deeper way. I was super impressed with the early annotation that I saw today. It is a skill that will not be mastered this year, but is something that will grow with your child as they mature and read harder text. Many of us annotate in our Bibles and those little notes, dates, and comments come to mean so much. The more we do it, the more we experience the benefits it has to offer.

Adding Tools to Out Literary Tool Kit!

Annotation, Foreshadowing, Point of View, Story Openers and Plot Diagrams were added to the tool box today! We will continue to fill up that box with handy tools for our Literary Hunts!
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Homework This Week:

This week homework should be a little lighter. Students will be working on workbook pages in the Lit Pack and creating their own Plot Diagram for a story of their choice. We talked about including details and putting effort into this task. The other task that may involve diligence is going back through the story, Riki-Tiki-Tavi, and finding specific instances of foreshadowing. We discussed foreshadowing is like little clues in the story that are hints to what might happen further in. These can often be subtle.

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Teaching the Classics Seminar

Next week we will begin a five week dvd seminar by Adam Andrews of Excellence in Literature called Teaching the Classics. Half of our class time will be spent going over homework, and the other half will be spent watching Adam explain different concepts via dvd. For homework each week, students will practice the concepts they learned in class while reading an O Henry short story. If you are interested in joining your child in this journey, these Teaching the Classic weeks will be a great time to read alongside them!
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The God Hunt!

Ok! Each week we will take a few moments to share how we have seen God active in our lives in both big and small ways. This week the girls rocked....we enjoyed hearing what God has been doing. This week i challenge you boys to join the God Hunt too!

Wendy Blankinship

Foundations 1-Literature Class

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