Ancient China Inventions

By: Janessa Abraham


The paper in ancient China was used for writing, and paper is still used today. Today we use paper to do homework, jot down ideas, do work, etc. There are certain types of paper as well, such as lined paper, graph paper,and printing paper. Paper is sold in many stores, and paper is still useful today. Paper is a timeless tool, I believe that we will be using paper for many more years to come.

Cast Iron Plow

It is still in use..

The Cast Iron Plow was made to make farming easier. The Cast Iron Plow is still useful today. The farmers that grow are fresh veggies and fruits still use this helpful everyday tool . what do you think it would be like if you had to do all of that work without The Cat Iron Plow.That is why the cast iron plow is still useful today .

Janessa abraham