POHW Before Poster

By: Aaron Abraham

1) Hollis' outlook in life

In the beginning she was sad and lonely after running away from several foster homes.

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2) Hollis changes from Mean to Nice

In the beginning Hollis tries to act tough and be mean to every person she met.

Direct Quote: You Want Tough? I asked. I'll show you tough

Page#: 146

3) The Old Man and Steven's Relationship

In the beginning The Old man and steven liked each other but they got into fights and got really mad at each other

Direct Quote: What has he done now? You can hardly walk

Page#: 135

4) Hollis's feelings change about Josie

In the beginning Hollis fells weird and scared about Josie because she is Holding a knife

Direct Quote: She had a knife in her hand

Page#: 7