By: Baylee and Amelia


Egypt was called "The Gift of the Nile." It is the longest river in the world over 4,000 miles. It goes South to North instead of North to South.

The Egypt River was called the Nile River.Egypt was protected by barriers on all sides. The Nile provided the water ways for trading.


Every year the Nile floods about the same each year. Shadoofs were invented to help with irrigation. They used shadoofs.

Written Languages

Rostetta Stone was 3 different types of languages. It was Hieroglypics a later form of Egypts writing and Greek. people learned how to read hieroglypics after discovering Rosetta stone. Egypt learned to write to keep buisness records. Egypt created a form known as hieroglypics. Egypt wrote on papyrus.

Political Systems

Egypt had rulers called Pharaohs. Rulers or Pharaohs had absolute power. Pharaohs controlled everything but, took blame for anything. Pharaohs hired Goverment officials. Social Hierarchy was created to divide by ranks or classes. Egyptians called the ruler a Pharaoh. Pharaohs had absolute power. Pharaohs had power over land and people.


Egypt created paintings to show everyday life. Egypt had magnificent temple and tombs. Egypt wrote epic, which are really long poems. Egyptians created the system based number 10.


Egyptians believed in more than 1 God, which is Polytheistic. Most ofEgypts religion focused on afterlife. Egyptians created a technique that was called Embalming. This technique was known as Mummification.