Hypo Heaven

The Lord Of Sweetness

What Is Hypo Heaven

Hypo Heaven was established in 2015 and is your 'Lord Of Sweetness'. We are a dessert cafe which serves only the best of the best quality desserts which are undeniable. Indulge yourself from the ranges from all kinds of famous and international varieties of sugary treats displayed in our transparent counters. We have fabulous chefs who are specially trained and take great care in producing sweets to cater for every taste bud. Here are some gummy bears because who doesn't like them?
Our cafe is not only a plain food area, but it has a self - contained and tidy play area. We offer private birthday party bookings for the children to live their dreams! There is also a big screen television and music for the luxury and convenience of our lovely customers

Hypo Heaven is technically a heaven with its cleanliness, play area, air conditioning, birthday parties, music, big screen television and most importantly, the outstanding food.

Some Of Our Exquisite Desserts

Spare Some Time To Visit The One And Only Hypo Heaven

We all encourage you, especially you, to stop by at the wonderful dessert cafe where you will not see and taste the quality anywhere else. Our cafe provides; air conditioning, an enormous playground, birthday parties, respect, cleanliness and most important of all, the best quality of ingredients around that will literally bless you!

More Of Our Fantastic Things We Also Serve

The Main Information

We are open from 9 am to 9 pm everyday so you can arrive at a suitable time.

Beware of any allergies you {and your children} may have . If so, please warn the reception.

Something we have also included is a very special signature dish that will make you go HYPO! :)

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