George Washington

By: Chris Viering

Biographical info

Born- February 22, 1732

Died- December 14, 1799

First President of the United States

Commander and Chief of the Continental Army


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Physical Description

Height- 6'2"

Weight- 175 - 200 pounds

Eye Color- Blue-gray eyes

Hair- Dark Brown

Had Small Pox scars

He lost his teeth, probably to gum disease, and wore dentures.

Clothing- Formal and upper-class

He was a large muscular, broad shouldered man, and he had large hands and feet. He also had a long face, high cheek bones, and a large straight nose.

Wanted for the following

For treason against England.

Promoting the separation from England.

Leading battles against England.

Resisting to return to England.

Trying to establish a new independent country separate from England.

Who is looking for George Washington

The British army and monarchy who are trying to claim North America as part of England.

Last Seen

Mount Vernon, Virginia


$200,000 if found dead or alive.