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Communicating With Parents? Colleagues? Other Professionals?

Check out this resource Etiquette Infographic for some simple tricks that can make a big impact when communicating with parents, colleagues and other professionals.

Station Rotation - One Step at a Time

On January 28, participants will examine how they can transform what they used to do, into what they need to do now.

AM Session: click here to register in Frontline

PM Session: click here to register in Frontline

MORE Tech Tips for the Non-Techie

On February 4, participants will explore tips, tools and shortcuts to create visual aids, hyperdocs and presentations using Google Slides. Click here to register in Frontline.

Engagement - Not Just Tools

On February 10, come explore the Distance Learning Playbook by Fisher, Frey, and Hattie and learn about models of engagement. To register click here.

Two Screens for Teachers

Make an immediate impact on teachers and students during COVID. A second screen lets teachers see their students on one screen and lesson plans on the other. Read more about the Two Screens for Teachers program.

PD @ Mid-State Regional Partnership Center @ Syracuse University

Overview of Specially Designed Instruction

February 3: Register here to participate in a virtual discussion about specially designed instruction for students with disabilities.

Classroom Management Day 1

February 10: Register here for more information on positive behavior supports and classroom management strategies.

Book Study Opportunities!


Each Wednesday in February participants will use Elena Aguilar’s work and activities to help develop an understanding of the skills we need to not only survive but actually thrive in 2021. For more information click here.

Connecting with Students Online

Join us in a discussion using Jennifer Serraviallo's work to stimulate discussion on everything from partnering with adults in the home to methods for teaching online.

Go See the Principal, True Tales from the School Trenches

Come together virtually to learn, laugh and remember some of the reasons we love working in the field of education. Register in Frontline to discuss Gerry Brooks' book, Go See the Principal! "Suriously!"

Podcast Study: Cult of Pedagogy

On April 8 connect with others on the work of Jennifer Gonzalez with a 'community of people obsessed with education' in mind. Register here in Frontline.

Free Resource: University of Albany - Center for Autism

Free distance learning opportunities for parents and professionals on topics related to Autism Spectrum Disorders. Recordings are available with registration.

Scratch User Group: Building Teacher CS Capacity

On February 17 come code with fellow educators! Connect with another classroom while doing fun computer science projects by signing up for Scratch Pals.

The ABCs of STEM: Student of the Week Literacy

Find out how to create powerful memories for your Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd Grade students and families! Our STEM literacy take-home bags are created to promote family engagement, memorable moments around STEM programs, literacy and the home-school pipeline. This program is available for aidable funding opportunities with your Enrichment COSERs.

LIVE STREAM Choral Music from WSKG

In celebration of the human voice, WSKG Classical has 1200 Choral selections in their music library. Performances included are by individual operatic singers, duets and choirs are available on both your ALEXA device and the WSKG app for your mobile device.

Read more about the Science of Reading!

This publication was developed to function as a professional learning resource, devoted to teaching reading using evidence-based practices.

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