My Utopia

Nina Levine

Welcome to Fuga



  • accepting
  • hard working
  • responsible
  • open-minded
  • intelligent

Citizenship and Rights

  • open to all
  • law offenders are exiled from the continent upon being found guilty at trial
  • everybody is equal; men and women can play the same roles
  • same rights as given in US Bill of Rights
  • right to pursue happiness emphasized
  • freedom of speech and religion

Declaration of Independence

Problems With Today's Society

  • stereotypes and prejudice
  • classification by religion, political association, sexual orientation, and race
  • violence over politics and religion
  • society cannot be trusted because it cheats certain individuals out of their rights simply because they do not fit into the "right" group


  • eliminate all established religions and political parties
  • let people believe what they want to believe and accept it
  • be open-minded
  • give everyone equal opportunity
  • cut back on the size of society

Fuga vs. Current Society

  • no prejudice or stereotyping
  • no formal religions or political parties
  • everyone is out for his or her self; government does not favor one over the other
  • everyone has an equal opportunity for education
  • like today's society, people have certain inalienable rights

Power and Politics

Political Theories

  • Thomas Jefferson's ideas on republic
  • John Locke's ideas on rights of man
  • freedom, opportunity, equality
  • isolationism

Government Structure

  • small group united under common alliance
  • similar to Pilgrim's Mayflower Compact
  • organized by constitution
  • voluntary cooperation
  • direct democracy
  • legislative, and judicial branch; no executive
  • like US government on smaller scale with limited power

Decision Making and Elections

  • officials elected through majority vote
  • no political parties
  • anyone can submit ideas to legislation
  • governmental decisions made through direct, popular vote; majority wins
  • everyone age 16 or older can vote
  • legislative branch runs votes
  • judicial branch of 5 judges runs civil and criminal trials

Economics and Daily Life


  • laissez-faire
  • capitalism
  • home is private, land is public
  • voluntary simplicity
  • government plays no role in regulating economy
  • work hard; play hard
  • art is valuable
  • bartering system; no currency


  • anyone can do whatever work that they want
  • people are responsible for providing for themselves
  • food and resources: whales, krill, albatross, seal, penguins, solar energy, coal, iron


"Come Together" by The Beatles

  • supports free will and individuality
  • peace and unity
  • happiness
The Beatles-Come Together lyrics

Poet Laureate

Mary Wollstonecraft

  • disliked large, powerful government
  • supported John Locke's theories on government
  • supports women's rights and equal opportunity
  • favors democracy
  • religious liberal
  • Mary, A Fiction (1788); A Vindication of the Rights of Man (1790); A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1790)