March 2015

It's time to Spring Clean!

Out with the old and in with the new!

As the winter months finally begin to fade, I'm getting that urge to clean out the house, do crafting projects, plant in the yard and get rid of my winter [ahem] coat! It's usually this time of year that people will approach me after class and talk about their slight struggles with the blues. I tell them to hang on just a little longer and the sun will lift them up once again. Besides some good ole' vitamin D from the sun, one of the best ways to get your mind and body back on track is to cleanse in a healthy way. I am SO excited to launch this amazing program!! Think of this as an EDUCATIONAL and PRACTICAL course over 30 days. Learn the Young Living Lifestyle with support of many health coaches to keep you on track, interested and accountable. See the details below.
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3 Steps to feeling better

One of the first things that helped my migraines go from 4x a week to 1-2x per month, was taking out the chemicals. This started with my diet. Anything that wasn't a real whole food was out the door! Next was anything with a synthetic smell (which are all chemicals). And lastly, was all the cleaners that would trigger a migraine within minutes. Can you think of what is going in you, on you and around you? What can you clean out TODAY?

Experience NingXia Red

For centuries the Ningxia wolf berry has been prized as one of the world's healthiest super fruits. Packed with fiber and boasting off-the-charts antioxidant levels, the wolf berry is a nutritional powerhouse. Leading essential oil authority D. Gary Young has combined whole Ningxia with the natural, living energy of pure, therapeutic-grande essential oils to create a truly unique functional drink blend. Ningxia Red's synergistic, whole-body nutrient infusion effectively energizes, fortifies and revitalizes. Replenish your health and vitality with Ningxia red. This is my DAILY post-afternoon nutrient infused energy booster.

Super Nutrient Absorbtion

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These classes are available to you and your guests EVERY week!!! Come to every class if you would like! Have a particular subject you would like some information about? Lets set a class time that works for you specifically. Yes, I will come to you as well!
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