Fifth Grade Fabulousness

If the pod's rockin'...

Job #1 - determine roles: time keeper, mover-alonger, note-taker, researcher

Job #2 - QUICK housekeeping...what do we NEED to know about next week...meetings? Data? Review of Hawk Happenings. 2 MINUTES

  • Holocaust Museum - April 15th 10-12:30. Jen will e-mail re: lunch at 57th fighter group, brainstorm what we could do for FREE between here and there. If we're going to go extended day, then let's go all the way!! Will Race be in theaters still in April?

1) Kid Spotlight - everyone share a success story (no matter how small) 5 MINUTES

  • Gaye - Jorge S. is super engaged in reading these days. Whole class doing well w/ dividing fractions.
  • Judi - Noe gets a big shout out for paying attention, working hard, asking questions, and finding success with division with 2-digit divisors.
  • Monica - Both classes enjoying Order of Operations
  • Angie - Order of operations success
  • Jen - Jason's project for The Cay - cool diorama of the beach and hut
  • Cate - Denny was doing exponents during recess.

2) Curriculum Check-in - everyone share one standard you're currently working on 5 MINUTES

  • Monica - cells w/ Glover & micro-organisms w/ HR, algebra/order of operations
  • Judi - dividing decimals and intro to fractions with a.m. class. Line plots - pm class

    Animal classifications - science
  • Gaye - Cold War & order of operations/algebra & Watsons Go to Birmingham
  • Angie - WWII & moving on to Watsons Go to Birmingham
  • Jen - responding to texts via narrative mini-unit questions - what happened next? Also working on comparing texts.

3) Assessments - everyone share one assessment that you'll be using in the near future 5 MINUTES

  • Jen - FIR sheets (have begun w/ Judi's class)
  • Gaye - end of the unit dividing fractions & WWII assessment & SRI
  • Angie - SRI
  • Judi - routine weekly assessments
  • Monica - cells test & both classes taking order of operations

4) Dynamic Data - everyone share one way you've collected/tackled some data 5 MINUTES

  • Data meeting tomorrow

6) RCA Q&A - Everyone share a favorite moment from Ron Clark. 5 MINUTES

  • Judi - too many to type! Loved the energy and excitement and uplifting atmosphere...very impressed by the use of drums and music..the RCA houses are similar in concept to my point system---would love to restructure my system to provide more motivation and greater reward for the students.

  • Jen - listening to Ron! Re-introducing music/dance as well as trying the "confessions" of misunderstanding w/ grammar checks.
  • Gaye - working to music and working silently, loved the pictures
  • Monica - loved the energy and passion, plus the rigor that she saw, teaching to the high kids
  • Angie - liked the discipline system - simple, name on the board, manners are a curriculum in itself
  • Cate - inspired to concentrate on speaking and listening