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Dear Parents/Guardians of Kindergarten through 5th Grade,

As the weather turns warmer, while students’ thoughts turn towards the longer days of spring time, our thoughts turn to planning for the 2015-2016 school year. One of the major components of our planning process is the creation of classes. Our overarching goal is to create balanced communities of learners that are ready and primed to meet with success. We approach this responsibility carefully and thoughtfully.

To best meet the needs of each child, we take into account many factors when making this important decision: input from staff, a student’s academic, social and emotional profile as well as past school experiences. Please know that the placement team works very hard to meet the needs of all of our learners – a challenge in a school community of 400+!

If you feel there is something about your child’s profile that needs to be shared with the placement team, or you have concerns regarding placement, I encourage you to write a letter to my attention. All letters need to be returned by Tuesday, June 9th. It is not recommended that you write a letter unless there are significant concerns.

If you are the parent/guardian of twins or triplets, I encourage you to write a letter as to whether you would like your children placed separately or in the same class. If you need help making that decision please feel free to call me or your children’s classroom teacher as we are here to assist you.

Please note that the parent placement letter is not a forum to request a specific teacher. Should a request like this be made, the letter will not be forwarded to the placement team. Though I know that, in most cases, these requests are made because families had positive experiences with other siblings, I have great confidence in and respect for each member of our faculty as each teacher works tirelessly to help all students be successful, confident learners.

During the placement process the staff work to create balanced, heterogeneous groups across each small learning community in a grade. Ruggles teachers work hard each and every day to meet the needs of all learners so that each child can progress in his/her learning.

Should you have any questions or concerns about this process, do not hesitate to contact me so we can discuss this further.

Warm Regards,


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School Advisory Council Community Survey

A reminder that the School Advisory Council community survey is due Friday, June 5th. We are hoping to get your feedback to help us to guide our school improvement efforts into the 2015-2016. Don't miss this opportunity to have your voice added to the conversation! Click here for a link to the survey.

Wednesday, June 3: Walk to School, 7:50 @ the Common

Wednesday, June 3: PTO Meeting, 7:00

Thursday, June 4: PTO Staff Appreciation Day

Friday, June 5: Step Up Day, 6th Grade

Friday, June 5: 3rd Grade Field Trip

Monday, June 8: Library closed for checking out books

Wednesday, June 10: Chorus and Band Spring Concert

Wednesday, June 10: Art Show & Spring Concert, Grades 4-6

Thursday, June 11: 4th Grade Field Trip

Thursday, June 11: School Committee

Friday, June 12: Kindergarten Field Trip

Friday, June 12: Grades 3-5 Field Day

Monday, June 15: QRMS Orientation, 6th graders and parents, 6:30

Tuesday, June 16: School Advisory Council, 5:00

Tuesday, June 16: Barre Town Meeting, 6:30 @ RLS

Wednesday, June 17: Grade 6 Field Trip

Wednesday, June 17: Grade 2 Field Trip

Thursday, June 18: Grade 3 Walking Tour

Thursday, June 18: Grade 6 Field Trip Rain Date

Friday, June 19: Grades k-2 Field Day

Monday, June 22: Grade 6 Recognition Night, 6:00

Tuesday, June 23: Happy Summer (1/2 day, 11:30 dismissal)

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Stay Connected Through Social Media!

We are working to make our Facebook page more active by adding pictures from classrooms and adding important events to the page. Click here to visit our Facebook page. If you 'like' the page, all notifications will show up in your feed.

Ruggles Got Talent Videos

If you are interested in getting a video of this year's Ruggles Got Talent, please send an email to Mrs. Diaz (
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Dress Code Reminder

As the weather turns warmer and we begin to bring out the spring/summer clothes, we are asking that flip flops remain at home. Not allowing flip flops is a safety precaution as they are not the safest shoes for recess, for maneuvering around the school or for a school evacuation. Thank you in advance for your support.

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