Leonardo Da Vinci

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  • He was born in Vinci, Italy on April 15, 1452.
  • Leonardo spent most of his life in Italy and France.
  • He started his formal artistic studies at 15 with verrocchio and studied painting, mechanical arts, and sculpture.
  • Da Vinci was a illegitimate son of a well-know notary in Florence. He was brought up in the home of his father and was a only child growing up. He was idoled by his grandmother and maybe his step mother.
  • Leonardo created a lot of art that was symmetrical and had to do with the human body.
  • Some of his art work is The Mona Lisa and The last supper. He also made sculpture like David and The Sistine Chapel.
  • In 1482, he started his first job as a artist and engineer in residence from the duke of milan in Italy. He did that for 17 years.
  • He then painted one of the walls in the new city hall but since he tried a new technique that wall was never finished.
  • Da Vinci then spent the last part of his life living with pope Leo x at Vatican palace. Then lived and worked at the palace of the french king, Francis 1.

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The Mona Lisa

  • The Mona Lisa was created between 1503-1517
  • This painting is now located at The Louvre museum in Paris, France.
  • The painting was significant by the colors he used and the meaning of The Mona Lisa.
  • I find this painting interesting because I wanted to know why he chose to paint this kind of piece. I think The Mona Lisa has a bigger meaning then just a painting of a woman.
  • Humanism is linked to this piece because it is focused on a person.

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