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Moving Electronic Items - A Tedious Job No More!

At times, due to personal or professional reasons, relocating to a new place becomes a necessity. These are the times when you need to ensure that all your belongings are carefully and safely shifted to the new place. However, moving can be a rather tedious job, especially when you need to move electronic products.

People who are fond of electronic gadgets cannot imagine their picosecond of life without them. Therefore, if their prized possessions are damaged during the transit, it is sure to result in a great degree of frustration. So, now the big question is –

How to Mover Your Electronic Items?

Electronic items such as personal computers, TVs, DVD and Blu-Ray players, audio systems, etc. require intensive care while being transported. This could be done only when you follow some specific guidelines while packing such items.

  • Ensure that the appropriate packing material such as stretch wrap and cushioning wrap, double- and triple-walled cartons, packing tape, carton labels (Do Not Load; Load Last/Unload First; Do Not Pack; Parts Box; Fragile), fine tissue and kraft paper, is available to pack the electronic goods.
  • Remove compact discs, tapes & records from the stereo or storage cabinet.

  • Pack the records in small cartons as they are heavy.

  • Wrap the mom-jacketed records individually in tissue paper or plastic wrap to protect them from being scratched.

  • Stand compact discs and records on edge, never flat, on a layer of crushed paper.
  • Support at both ends with a large, hardcover book or several pieces of cardboard cut to fit. Top with another layer of crushed paper.
  • Do proper labeling of shipping boxes carrying electronic goods.

  • Cassette tapes should be placed in the protective plastic box in which they came, if possible, and then wrapped individually in crumpled paper. Place individual tapes either vertically or horizontally on a couple of layers of crushed paper.

  • Pre-plan for the packing of your electronic goods. Call a service engineer or a technician to dismantle and again assemble all the parts at the new place.

  • It is advisable to take snaps of how your electronics are connected so you can remember how and where all the wires go.

Moving electronic items is not at all an easy or a let-go activity. It definitely requires a lot of planning and efforts and that too in a right direction because putting efforts is well-paid off only when you get the desired output. An easy solution would be to follow some instructions for effectively handling your electronic items or hire a professional moving company specializing in shifting delicate items.

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