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Mauldin Elementary School Jan. 2016


In Jan. we taught 67 classes!
  • In kindergarten, we read about snow, Martin Luther King Jr., and started talking about how books are organized in the library
  • In first grade, we learned about biographies and looked up books on the computer for the first time by ourselves!
  • In second grade we took an assessment on fiction genres and began learning about nonfiction and the Dewey Decimal system
  • In fifth grade, we talked about proper research practices, including finding out if a source is credible, how to take notes in our own words, and citing sources for our science projects.

In other business...

Special Projects this month

  • Library redesign: A special thanks to Mr. Z and his crew and all our parent volunteers who helped with this!
  • We began Battle of the Books practice. Go Mighty Eagles!

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